About Us

Furkids Pet Care, Katy and Helen.

Who We Are:

Katy grew up in Fife, Scotland and moved to Vancouver in 2007. She has been surrounded by animals since childhood, including a border collie she used to compete in obedience trials with, 4 cats, 2 rabbits, plus a whole array of fish and pet mice! She graduated in Marketing at Stirling University in 1999 and went on to work for a PR firm in Manchester, England for 6 years.

Starting afresh in Vancouver (and hitting the big 3-0), she decided it was time for a career change, and chose to make her love for all things animal a part of her occupation. She started working full time in a doggy daycare and hasn't looked back since - spending Monday to Friday surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes kept the smile on her face! Since working at the daycare she has learned a great deal about dog behavior and body language, attending seminars where possible to further her knowledge. She went on to manage the daycare, before starting her own business dog walking and boarding.

She has also fostered numerous kittens for VOKRA since moving here. Giving them up is hard, but it's worth it to see them find such fantastic forever homes. She adopted Barnaby who sadly passed away at one year of age from FELV. She now has Pogo, a spitz mix, whose favourite things in life are agility, squirrels and cheese (she hopes one day to find a squirrel carrying a bucket of cheese).

When she's not working she embraces the outdoor lifestyle that Vancouver has to offer - since arriving here, she has tried her hand at snowboarding, snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking, wakeboarding and backcountry camping (none of which she is particularly adept at but she perseveres nonetheless).

Helen grew up in Yorkshire in the UK. After receiving her Masters degree from Manchester Metropolitan University she decided on a permanent move to Vancouver which she has been proud to call home for the past eight years. Having owned cats and dogs throughout her life (and a variety of other things including a ladybug in a jar when she was six), Helen is a dedicated animal lover and feels tremendously lucky to be working with cats and dogs. An experienced dog walker, dog daycare worker and Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue foster parent, Helen is the current proud owner of her handsome boy Dodo who was a VOKRA rescue cat.

Helen enjoys eating cupcakes, having long conversations with Dodo about snacks and Grey's Anatomy, and spending time exploring this beautiful Province.