Cat Sitting

North Vancouver, West Vancouver

We have owned cats all our lives, so have experience with cats of all ages and personalities. We currently own (although in reality, are owned by) a cat called Dodo, as well as having fostered kittens for VOKRA. Whether you have a confident, friendly cat who demands lots of attention, or a shy, nervous cat who requires patience and a calm, quiet environment, we can help. Cats are creatures of habit and fare best in their home environment. It is our mission to ensure your pet is as content as possible so you return to a happy, relaxed cat. We offer a cat sitting service across the North Shore, covering both West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Prior to booking our cat sitting service we will visit you at your home, so we can meet you all and you can decide if our service is right for you. There is no obligation or charge for this meeting. We want you to go on vacation confident that your Furkid is in good hands.

Each cat sitting visit includes feeding as per your instructions, providing clean water, cleaning the litter box and brushing your cat if required.

The majority of our visit will be spent doing what your cat likes best, whether it be cuddling, playing or both. If your cat loves their snacks, we like to leave some hidden around the house each time we leave so they have some nice surprises in between visits!

We will also water plants, bring in mail, open/close blinds and alternate lights, as per your requests.

We will update you throughout your vacation with emails and photos, giving you peace of mind that your cat is well taken care of.

We are a proud supporter of VOKRA ( and the wonderful work they do. If you are interested in fostering, adopting or sponsoring a cat or kitten, please go to their website for more information.

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